you know I’m sad ned died but at least he didn’t live long enough to be written grossly out of character


A moment of silence for all the female characters i didn’t get to appreciate in the past because of  internalized misogyny.

In 1993, Matthew Perry pitched NBC a sitcom he had co-written about a group of twentysomethings called Maxwell’s House. The network turned him down because they already had a similar TV show, Friends, in the works.

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Title: Samson
Artist: Regina Spektor
Played: 5125 times


samson // regina spektor

and history books forgot about us and the bible didn’t mention us
and the bible didn’t mention us, not even once


Having a crisis because I hate the Conservatives but our local council is Labour and they’re fucking up the city. Like in the General Election I’ll probably vote Labour but I think I’m going to have to betray them in the Local Elections. 

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Allison Janney attends the 2014 PRISM Awards

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"Hanging with the loveliest ladies in the land." #Emmys


Feminist Dragons

Inspired by X


I was sitting on my friends bed with her when she came out as gay

and I was looking through a Chinese food pamphlet

so I put it down, looked at her and said “I was going to suggest ordering food but I see now you’d prefer to eat out”

and I don’t think she’s ever really forgave me  

Fangirl Challenge
↳ [2/10] TV Shows: Go On

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